Exchange Rate Science

Currency Modeling in a Machine Learning Framework

Focused on research and results

and understanding it's about more than being "right."

FX Analytics is an independent research firm focused on identifying trend exhaustion in exchange rates and potential short-term reversals with asymmetrical risk profiles. With a background in managed funds we know it's about more than just being right: The time it takes forecasts to play out, the degree to which you can be wrong, the correlation to other research and how long it takes you to generate an opinion all matter.

In 2019 FXAN will kick off trading a very small account with no goal other than determining the validity of the approach, to see if it still works. Current intentions are to focus on the next five years of results and then determine if expansion of the business makes sense.


Major Views

FX Analytics doesn't subscribe to a single methodology. Instead, we believe there is value in multiple approaches, and robust signals will come from blending them: Fundamental, Technical, Behavioral and Machine Learning all have a place analyzing the complex price action of Exchange Rates.


Company Aims

Right now our mission is simple, build a track-record. Before there can be any serious launch or expansion there needs to be Proof of Concept. What worked 15 years ago likely won't work today, or work the same way. Now is the time to find out.